My Desire is for others to discover their purpose and to connect with their inner truth.

My Mission is to support those who are ready to courageously move forward into the life they have been dreaming of and Enjoy their process along the way.


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I LOVE the journey of life, the blessings and the burdens. From a young age, I experienced the burden of stress and loss when my parents divorced. I went to a few therapists along the way. I found that even though being given space to share my emotions was nice, I was still lacking in tools and ways to better cope outside of sessions. Traditional Therapy wasn’t as empathetic or enjoyable as I would have liked  and I was not motivated to return on my own. I struggled my way through feelings of anxiety, frustrations and physical discomforts. I knew something had to change!

The beginning of my transformational journey began at the American Insitute of Massage, this was the first of many steps that supported me leaping forward into a whole new world. Within the first few years, I had already established myself in the healing community as a Reiki Master and Teacher helping to run an Amazing healing center called Avalon. I had the pleasure of teaching the Art of Meditation and Hatha Yoga around town and in my travels. I began to realize that if the mind let go the body would follow. This inspired me to continue my education with Bennett Stellar University becoming certified as a Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner and Life Coach.

Healing and Letting Go of the past became Exciting and Fun!

I began to feel truly open to life, nature and my own being!

I Invite You Too….


Connect with the Inner You!

Discover, uncover, & let go of your blocks, 

stepping on to the journey of self discovery and

living a peaceful, balanced life.