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Have you begun a healing journey? Have you noticed yourself feeling off balance emotionally, spiritually or physically? Do you feel over-energized or as if you can’t even lift your head? Have you been experiencing chronic fatigue, illness or emotional distress? The top 22 healers in North America share their wisdom to help you on your healing journey. – This book is packed with exercises in every chapter to help you heal yourself of illness, fatigue and emotional stress.- Learn about ancient and modern modalities that have helped thousands of people just like you.- Journey with healers as they describe what brought them into the healing realm.- Begin to trust that you are on the right path toward healing yourself and others. Remember, you are never alone as you navigate your personal growth and development. Journey with us as we reveal the secrets we have learned along the way to make your transition into the healing world effortless and fun!

Want to learn Simple strategies to get unstuck, accomplish goals and make your dreams into reality? Come on an informative and enjoyable journey with me and Twenty-one other expert coaches, who will surround you with the support, tools and exercises you need to catapult your relationships, business, and emotional well-being, into new levels of awareness.

COMING SOON!!! Meditations to assist in bringing more balance and peace to both adults and children. Will send updates once released. Affdorable audibles with instant access that bring an alternative approach to letting go of anxiety,pain and daily stressers straight to your earbuds!  Click here for freebie!


I am Thrilled to be both a contributing writer and Ambassador for this informative, colorful and fun new magazine in the Greater Richmond Area and Online.  CEO Magazine ~ Supporting Women , Who Do It All. Come on over and check us out! Sign Up for Free Subscription Today!

I love being a part of the CZC family and supporting kids through their big buddy program. This is a community where kids can come year after year & get tools to help them cope with their grief in their daily lives. Learn More

I am a Foodie at heart and am grateful everyday for the opportunity to have food on the table for my family. My give back is working with this fantastic organization to combat hunger and Feed More of those in need. This holiday season and into the New Year if you feel inspired please~Join Me!